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what's Your STORY? 


Retrorad Publishing is a relational-centered marketing, PR and communications boutique agency.


Founded in 2018 as an independent publisher, our focus today is promoting artists that have a unique retrospective journey to share.


With an old-school approach, we combine classic media and radical marketing strategies with creative alternative methods to promote our artists’ unique set of goals.

We provide artist representation, public relations, communications, marketing, and publishing consultation specially tailored to each artists’ needs.

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We are a creative team with an old-school approach. We help independent artists promote, sell and share their journeys, whether through published books or curated pieces of art, we represent artists that have something to gift the world.

The artists we represent express their stories through various mediums, from the written word to multimedia. We offer our artists a personalized journey from the start of the relationship, setting up goals and objective with an empathetic and transparent approach.

We work closely with artists whose primary goal is to inspire and engage their audience.

The artists who join our roster are selected on talent, depth of character, and a desire to work on exciting and innovative projects.

With an open mind, will and heart, we are fueled by your why.  



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Artist Representation
We are your biggest cheerleader! Our safe environment is one of collaboration and trust between the artist and our team. Through a relational approach, we work toward expanding the availability and exposure of our artists to exciting, prominent, and new markets.

Public Relations & communications 
We work closely with our artists to help craft their brand story, staying aligned and connected to upcoming projects. We think creatively about the means and outlets to maximize their presence in every medium, utilizing streamlined digital, social, and print to engage the proper markets and media.


We assists our artists with targeted marketing strategies that include website development, brand messaging, design, photography, video, and social media strategy. With our marketing expertise, we ensure a well-executed advertising plan that complements a strong public relations campaign, maximizing sales and public awareness. 


Everyone has a story to share and a book in them to write!

We offer a wide range of services to help you publish your book and bring it to market. Whether your book is just an idea, or a manuscript needing representation, we will meet you wherever you are on your book publishing journey. We will guide you through the entire process, from concept to book cover to becoming a published author. We help your audience learn about your story. 

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